Travel Clinic

Travel and Infectious Diseases  Clinic 

Mon.~Fri.          8:30~15:30

Pre travel health check 8:30~10:30

Immunization/Pre travel consultation  8:30~15:30

 ★Yellow Fever Vaccine  Tue. . Thr.  9:00~12:00

                                       Thr.   14:00~16:00

 appointment desk  03-3202-1012  

Vaccine Price

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Student Travel Vaccine

We started "Student Price" service since August 2013.


Yellow Fever Vaccine : English Patient Information

●UK, NHS Choice




Yellow Fever Vaccination

Appintment 03-3202-1012, 15:00-17:00.

Vaccination: Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9:50-12:00

     Tuesday          9:50-12:00

     Thursday        9:50-12:00   13:30-16:40

Fee(vaccine/certificate) :12,220円(incl. tax)

The Disease Control and Prevention Center was established on October 1st, 2004. With the opening of the Disease Control and Prevention Center, the former Medical Check up Center, whose primary function until this point was mainly to diagnose the health of overseas travelers, has made a new start as the Travel Clinic and is now implementing more substantial medical care services. Its primary medical care duties consist of the following:

After returning home from an overseas trip, if you have a fever or are feeling ill and wish to come in for a check up, please contact us. Examinations can be scheduled for the same day. Feel free to contact us if you need clarification on any other questions.

Clinic Staff

●Director of  Infectious Diseases Clinic

   Norio Ohmagari, MD

●Director of Travel Clinic

   Shuzo Kanagawa, MD

Staff: Yasuyuki Kato, MD

             Nozomi Takeshita, MD   

         Kayoko Hayakawa, MD

             Satoshi Kutsuna, MD

             Kei Yamamoto, MD